This is a fraction of what I've been receiving the past few days/weeks through the App Store and email. It sucks, and it's impacting sales massively (to the point where it makes me question whether continued support is even worth it), but just got to hold it out.

Come on guys, let's give @JPEG some better reviews to compensate for the Gabbers trying to sabotage him:

this whole discussion is ridiculous. I don't think an app should block anything, still I think gab should be blocked from the instance admins.
I feel sorry for you. Nobody deserves such a nonsene discussion. @switchingsocial @JPEG

@x2ero @switchingsocial @JPEG It's quite sad people will harass people into following their ideology. It's 2019, you'd think people would have learned from the past.

Or just don't be a Nazi apologist. Fedilab only brought it in themselves because they added it and then removed it. They could've stayed out of the whole conversion if they wanted to. But here they are, coddling.
@switchingsocial @JPEG

Because I got a lot of pressure coming from people that told me that my app will be banned. I blocked Gap and I wrote to Google. I didn't get a reply, after weeks so there was no reasons to keep it.
I fully support the work of Tusky devs but not the destroying one of their CM.
Because she is playing with this situation, by boosting horrible and defamatory toots concerning my work.

@fedilab They seem like a very toxic person. Insulting me and then blocking me. I guess it's only for the best I don't have to interact with them anymore. I have already muted that whole instance because this is not the first time someone from that instance has been calling me names. Maybe I'll make a pull request to add that instance to the blocklist in apps 🤷‍♂️

@fedilab Personally as a developer I'd be ashamed to have such a CM though. Instead of promoting the app they are actively working on destroying the great image the developers and the software have. Silly.

Tusky made its choice and respect it. IMO, I still think that it doesn't deserve bad ratings. People are free to use a forked app.
But I can't admit that their CM tries to destroy other works with false arguments.
"Fedilab blocked then removed,etc."
I just think, it's impossible to discuss with such persons. And the Tusky account should not be used for promoting personal feelings or such agressions toward other devs.

@fedilab everyone is free to write their application the way they see fit. It works both ways and while I understand wanting to voice your opinion on matters I agree with you that aggressions towards people have no place on the fediverse and are a very bad look for the software.

@fedilab @maloki @nvsr
What is worse, that person doesn't care about splitting fediverse. That's a shame.

@fedilab the worst is that fedilab wouldn’t get blocked because google doesn’t like it, but cause of some fuckin’ fediverse users who are terrible human beings

Or don't be a social Marxist who thinks anything short of draconian law is suddenly neonazism. Pull your head out of your ass
@nvsr @switchingsocial @JPEG

Are you serious ? For real ? @Tusky was my first masto app, and I liked it a lot. I only temporarily switched to @fedilab (that I like too now 😃) because of a bug. But it has also been my biggest disappointment in that whole shitstorm. Promoting your app is one thing. Actively calling for the harassment of the competition is completely out of line, to say the least. Boo to you sir.
@nvsr @switchingsocial @JPEG

@RLetot except I've never actively called for the harassment of anyone.
I'm only explaining why they are getting it.
But heck, I guess us blocking a place which actively encourages harassment is why we're now getting harassed, and I brought it on myself too right?
I'm fine with that.

@Tusky @fedilab @switchingsocial @JPEG

@maloki maybe not directly, you are right. But you failing to see the difference between what @fedilab does and an actual «Nazi apologist», your public repetitive use of that kind of vocabulary (heck, no need to go far, right there on the public @Tusky feed on 19th June: «Fedilab, Nazi enabling»), your repetitive public boosting of people dismissing @fedilab,... if you really don't see the inevitable consequences of those actions, you're the lousiest CM ever. Boo again. @switchingsocial @JPEG

@maloki and btw no you don't deserve harassment. Nobody deserves harassment. Harassment is a desease, and the fediverse needs to find ways to deal with it. I do think that @Tusky 's decision is ill advised, both technically and fundamentaly, and I'd love to discuss it. But there is simply no way to discuss in the current climate, which you help create and feed by saying that people who don't agree with you are «Nazi apologists». See the problem ? @fedilab @switchingsocial @JPEG

@RLetot @Tusky it's very simple, you don't see how your position enables Nazis, while I believe it does. There's no discussing it, because you're basically in crouching on my right to live, and that is not up for debate.
If you defend people who want me dead we have nothing to talk about, there's no way we can debate that. I hope you can respect that?

@maloki I'm definitely not «in crouching on your right to live», that's completely absurd, a malignant distortion of what I say. Sorry to point what seems to be a pattern: you exacerbate, exagerate to the extreme, polarize opinions,... to stop any uncomfortable discussion.
I had to search for the English term: it's fallacious logic. I don't know if you realize it or not, and I don't know which is worst... but I'll stop there, my English is not strong enough...
@Tusky @fedilab @switchingsocial

@maloki besides, you said «nazi apologist», not «nazi enabler», that's subtly different (another rhetoric trick).

More to the point, both are wrong.

If @fedilab not implementing arbitrary non-effective dangerous technical measures makes it a «Nazi apologist», what do you say about web browsers ? Net providers ? Food providers ? Healthcare providers ? All of them provide services to nazis, some even access to gab. Are they all «Nazi apologists» ?

@switchingsocial @Tusky

@nvsr @switchingsocial @JPEG because we should definitely allow HitlerJugend1488 to be given a platform, amirite?

@nvsr @switchingsocial @JPEG and i am not willing to give the massive cesspool of alt-righters a platform.

people like these are easily discoverable of gab, and they should be exiled not only out of the fediverse, but also into the fucking ocean

@switchingsocial @JPEG I'm going to be giving him bad reviews because he's trying to turn GNU Social into Twitter.

@switchingsocial @JPEG
I can't unfortunately (no apple device), so i boost & wish you luck with these shitheads.

@switchingsocial @JPEG

Turns out it's actually a beautiful little app.

The clear stance against nazis was my initial reason for trying it , but I'll keep it long term I think.

@szbalint @switchingsocial That’s really nice to hear, thank you. I’m glad you’re liking it.

cw request, gab 

cw request, gab 

@switchingsocial @JPEG I hadn't heard of the app, but it looks great and I'm excited to switch to an app that does some blocking on iOS. Just bought it 😊

@JPEG i, for one, am downloading your app right now and giving you a 5*. i don't know what the right community response will be to this thing with gab but this seems like a good countermeasure if many of us do it.

@gergolippai That's very kind of you, thank you for the support!

@JPEG by the way, i'm curious: does apple provide any support for app devs who are being trolled this way? are you in comms with them? (wonder if trolled is the right word here. threatened? bullied? 🤔 )

@gergolippai I can report the review, but that’s about it. No guarantee it’ll lead to anything. I’d love some sort of direct line with someone at Apple.

@JPEG I don't have an iPhone, I don't even know my login to the apple store anymore...
But I'll boost.

@maloki That's very nice of you to do, I really appreciate the support!

@JPEG I mean we had to deal with the same for Tusky. I got you.

@maloki How did you go about combatting it with Tusky?

@JPEG public call for help with just normal reviews if people like it, and reporting content as they see fit.

I didn't ask for 5 star reviews or anything, just honest reviews.

@maloki Oh that’s looking promising, thank you for linking that. I’ll try it out and see how it fares.

@maloki That’s a good shout, and hopefully it turns around for the better for you!

@JPEG hold out, it's worth it.

Have you set up any alternative means of receiving donations for this work?

@maloki Nope, I just charge a one time fee. I don't like having multiple streams to gain profit from this as it looks deterring too. There are a lot of positive people on here, but there are also a lot of negative ones, so it seems to always counter itself out.

@JPEG I will say ignore them but I understand how disheartening this is. Do not let this get you down. The Nazis don’t know the difference between Free speech and Hate speech.

You have made an awesome app and I am going to post a 5* review soon. Thanks for all your hard work.

@thumb That’s very encouraging, thank you for the support. It helps massively.

@JPEG hey man, had forgotten to review again since the new version. Just went and gave a 5 star again, keep up the good work and don’t let the assholes get you down ❤️

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