The Verge wrote a piece about Mastodon and Gab. There’s also a paragraph in there about what I had to say about this whole thing. Give it a read if you’ve got a few minutes to spare.

@JPEG "But if they go to war, they risk fracturing Mastodon in the process. "

That's the only part of the article I think really misses it. We're fractured by default and like it that way.

@tewha They also claim Gab to have a large user base which could impact Mastodon, but that’s just not the case.

@JPEG Well, I think it *will* impact us. It's a lot like a mosquito bite, or maybe a spider bite is a better analogy. You get bit, it's a pain, you maybe do something about it… then you move on.

@JPEG THhis article is just so much better than the Vice News piece.

@avolkov There was definitely more research gone into it.

@JPEG Thank you for taking a stand on this issue. I appreciate it personally and professionally!

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