@JPEG that wen you know you did everything right. You have all my support

@tscho @JPEG just bought the app to show our support for your position on Gab and the health and values of Mastodon...

@JPEG I think it‘s time to re-rate Mast again with 5 stars. (Does it help to do so after each update?)
When the racists react like this, you‘ve done everything right! 👍

That’s very kind of you, thank you! And yes it does, it helps massively.

@JPEG oh look let me add a 5-star review specifically because you block hate. 😄

@JPEG I don’t see a downside to saying in the app description that you’re blocking Gab and similar domains

@JPEG Not that it will stop the complaints, but they’ll have fewer grounds for them.

@klievhelm I’ll add it in, it was in the latest update notes already.

@JPEG sorry you're having to endure this, hopefully it's only a temporary thing to endure

@JPEG I would report those. App store reviews are not the place for butthurt political bs. And those who want a refund can go through the proper channels.

@donavon That’s a great suggestion, I’ll give it a go to see if that makes a difference.

@JPEG I would five star your app, but the problem is already have and there’s no 10 stars option.

@nicktmro That's incredibly kind of you! I think each new update can get new reviews too, not too sure.

@JPEG upgraded my review to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because fuck Gab

it might also help if other people went and marked the App Store reviews from neo-Nazi chuds as Not Helpful (long press, select from the menu) or reported them, but who even knows with Apple

@VyrCossont Thank you! Thats' really helpful. A lot of them have been reviewing with 1 stars for this block I've placed, so combatting it in any way helps a lot.

@VyrCossont @JPEG it feels this battle needs to be taken to Apple's doorstep. If they don't remove those fakeass reviews they are literally nazi-supporters 😾

@tethre @VyrCossont They’d need to know about it for a start, and that can only really happen if a lot of people report it.

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