😮 @JPEG is at it again with another update for #Mast - definitely getting our monies worth out of this app. Be sure to give him some love!

@Admin Yup, it seemed to deter people who saw ‘In-App Purchases’ on the description.

@JPEG was I the only one that used it? 😅 I think I’ve used it several times 😅😅

@JPEG can’t get the new AR feature to work 🤷🏼‍♂️


@Admin You’ve got to love it around a bit whilst it finds feature points and flat surfaces, which is vertical walls only, and it needs to be quite near.

@JPEG I can’t even get the option to pop up for me when I long press. Nothing happens

@Admin You need to set it to use the stock iOS video player rather than the Picture in Picture one.

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