"A new Mast update so soon? But... it's only been a day!"

That's right, and it's even better than the last one. Enjoy. 🌊

@JPEG hey, I've just set Mast to midnight theme and noticed that the contrast in the options dialogs (e.g. theme picker) in the settings for this theme is super bad to read. May wanna adjust the font color. Other then that, fantastic app! Kudos!

@JPEG turns out, this font color is actually not defined by the theme but by the 'Hue' setting. So, not a theme problem at all. Just a confusing interaction between the two settings. Might be worth reviewing/clarifying but obviously just a very minor issue. Disregard the last toot (except the kudos).

@cmw Thank you for spotting this and reporting on it nonetheless! I’ll work towards finding a better way to handle the background and the hue in a way that makes more sense. Thanks for the kind words. :)

@JPEG by the way, i'd like to be able to see media in landscape mode :/

@milan Will get this working for a future update.

@JPEG The AR stuff is cool, but it would be amazing if you could fix timeline position holding, refreshing and loading more, when using Pleroma.

@mcg When you get the chance, could you detail out exactly how this functionality should behave please? Still trying to find a way that makes sense and works for everyone as they’d expect.

@JPEG Right now it doesn’t work at all. Refreshing only grabs the latest 20 or so. Does fill gaps and looses position. As far as how it should work, it’s easier to say, like Tweetbot, than try to explain. But... I don’t want to miss any posts, never loose my scroll position and read posts scrolling up(moving finger top to bottom to scroll), with newer posts showing up at the top.

@mcg I can't achieve parity with Tweetbot for various API related reasons - namely I can only fetch 20 posts max when doing an API fetch on it. So have to find creative ways to go around that. Load more loads upwards which is why it'll feel like scroll position is lost.

@JPEG 20 posts per fetch is bad UX for sure, I get that, but you had this working pretty well on older releases. Refreshing wouldn't loose position and posts would fill in the gaps. Now, as shown in the attachment, position is lost and only the last 19 posts are loaded. Many posts are skipped and never shown and I have to scroll around to find my last read position.

@mcg Can you remember the version number of when it was working best? I'd love to get it back to that level.

@JPEG It wasn’t perfect, but worked pretty well when you first added the auto gap fill.
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