Mast 1.7.3 is here and it’s better than ever. It’s also discounted at $0.99/£0.99 for a limited time too! ✌️

@JPEG just download it, but the instance is missing from the suggested instances but it’s one of the instances suggested on 🤔


@filippodb The list of instances on the website seems to be hand curated, whereas mine is retrieved from a list found elsewhere.

@JPEG oh well I can’t give you 5 stars now if is missing, can’t even boost it if it doesn’t suggest all instances suggested by the main mastodon website. Apps looks good though

@filippodb Not all would be suggested as it’s a custom thing implemented by the web end of things. You can just type the name of the instance and that’ll do the same. The list of suggestions is just there as a guide if you’re unsure which one to type.

@JPEG Sorry pretty disapppointed to not see my instance suggested, some of my users could be disappointed or confused. So I could not promote it. Of-course it's your app and my instance is not so big, so I can understand why it's not suggested. btw looking forward for the next updates ;)

@filippodb There are thousands of instances, promoting each one would be impossible. Thanks!

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