Mast for iOS is reduced to an incredible $0.99/£0.99 for a limited time. Get it before it goes back up again! 🤘

@JPEG For Mastodon Plugin I must pay 10.99€ 🤮🤮🤮

@Th3G4m3r It’s an optional tip that changes nothing of the experience. All features are there from the beginning.


Can I even integrate Mastodon without the paid plugin?

@Th3G4m3r What do you mean by integrate? As I said you get the entire app when you pay the initial purchase price, whilst the InAppPurchases are optional tips that don’t impact the app experience at all.


the question was: can I even integrate the Mastodon network without the in-app purchase?
if that is possible, then why should I buy the plugin for 10 €.

@Th3G4m3r Really not sure what you mean? What do you mean by ‘integrate’ and what do you mean by ‘plugin’? You don’t need to spend that at all, as I’ve said, it’s optional as a tip.


i'm talking about using Mastodon and this program 🙄🙄. if Mastodon allegedly works without the extra charge of 10€ with it, then why is an expensive add-on module offered?


@Th3G4m3r Mastodon is the network (like Twitter), and my app Mast is a third party client app (like Tweetbot) which has effort and time poured into it to give an enhanced experience. No one ‘has’ to use anything, it’s all an optional choice.

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