Currently got 70+ items on the change log for the next Mast update. I have no idea how I'm going to fit this into the update notes section. I'll aim towards releasing this update sometime this weekend.

I almost want no new users to use Mast until that update drops. It's that much of an improvement.

@robflop @JPEG Great, I’ll take a look at it again when the update lands then haha

@JPEG Several smaller releases are often better than one big release. (Meanwhile, DMs are broken and replies crash.) But I do the same thing sometimes. It’s a discipline you need to build.

Not meant harshly OR patronizing. Apologies if it comes across that way. :)

@tewha It's great advice, thanks! I tend to do it this way because I'm never really satisfied with the state of my updates and keep wanting to add more to make it more usable and resolve bugs. This kind of spirals out of control until it turns into this.

@JPEG If you’re good with source control, keeping a branch for bug fixes only can be helpful. I often ship that first even when my new features are ready.

@JPEG Of course, you can get to the point where you don’t want to ship that. I’m just throwing ideas out. :-)

@tewha That's a solid idea, but firefighting with merge conflicts is something I try to avoid as much as possible. :)

@JPEG Do you have a fix for the thing when Mast shows a wrong picture with a toot? (I continue to see images from a different toot.) Also, do you have a beta program? Would love to test to help smooth things out. :)

@thomasfuchs Yes this is intended to be fixed for the next update. And no beta program unfortunately, but happy to receive feedback here on any bugs you come across. :)

@JPEG I’m really curious! Looking forward to try it !

@JPEG I’m a fan of apps just posting “this release contains bug fixes and performance enhancements.” If you need to you can link to a blog article with the full change log and maybe highlight major changes. I never read the mast update notes because they are too long. In my experience, almost nobody reads giant walls of text, especially when they are bug fixes.

@codechemist: I read all the changelogs! and mast is one of my favorite to read cause of how thorough you are!

@codechemist I personally find that short undescriptive notes frustrate most users, but the point about redirecting to a blog post is a great suggestion!

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