Oh, and Mast is now free for a limited time. 👀

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your Facebookers and Tweeters. It's time to start using .

@JPEG ive never rushed to get an app so quickly in my life

@JPEG Seems much more stable than Roma so far, I like it.
cc @dd
@knotteye @JPEG Thank you. Seems very similar to Roma. Are the projects related?

@JPEG does Mast work on iPad? I have not been able to log on to

@atomicbird It should do. I wonder if registrations are blocked for some reason.

@atomicbird Thank you for showing me that. The iPad app will be recreated in a future update to provide a much better experience that's not just a copy of the iPhone app.

@JPEG is there a way you can add a ‘this toot is a part of a thread’ icon to the main timeline so I don’t have to tap on toots to see whether they’re a part of a thread or not? Much appreciated!

@sc Great suggestion, will get this added in a future update.

@JPEG The activity tab isn't loading for one of my accounts on a newer instance; what's a good way to file a bug report for it?

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