Oh, and Mast is now free for a limited time. 👀

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your Facebookers and Tweeters. It's time to start using .

@JPEG ive never rushed to get an app so quickly in my life

@JPEG Seems much more stable than Roma so far, I like it.
cc @dd
@knotteye @JPEG Thank you. Seems very similar to Roma. Are the projects related?

@JPEG every time I switch to my password manager to get my password and 2FA code, Mast resets itself, so I can’t actually log in.

@JPEG got myself logged in, timeline is blank and every time I press the menu button, the app crashes (I think) and just closes itself. I remember why I stopped using Mast now...I’ll stick with Toot.

@kev Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it.

@JPEG does Mast work on iPad? I have not been able to log on to mastodon.social.

@atomicbird It should do. I wonder if registrations are blocked for some reason.

@atomicbird Thank you for showing me that. The iPad app will be recreated in a future update to provide a much better experience that's not just a copy of the iPhone app.

@JPEG is there a way you can add a ‘this toot is a part of a thread’ icon to the main timeline so I don’t have to tap on toots to see whether they’re a part of a thread or not? Much appreciated!

@sc Great suggestion, will get this added in a future update.

@JPEG The activity tab isn't loading for one of my accounts on a newer instance; what's a good way to file a bug report for it?

@synfinner Thanks! I aim to make each one worthwhile (and aim to push out one a week).

@JPEG I really like that you've separated the DMs into a view of its own.

@synfinner Glad to hear it! If you have some time, it would mean the world to me to also have you leave your positive review on the App Store. :)

@JPEG Is there a way to clear the app/reset without signing out? Not seeing your mentions in the activity section

@synfinner Yes there is, you can head over to the iOS Settings app's Mast section and toggle the reset switch there. Hope that helps.

@JPEG it did, however, I also revoked it on my instance and re authorised it.

@synfinner Does scrolling or pulling to refresh do anything? And is it only in the mentions area?

@JPEG Yes, it is only in the mentions area where this is happening. All other sections seems to be working as expected.

@JPEG and no, it is not updating when pulling to refresh

@synfinner @JPEG I’ve had that happen on a settings reset. Try resetting once more.

@mcg @JPEG Did another reset and still having the same issue :/

@Groosha Thanks for letting me know! An iPad redesign will be worked on in a future update.

@JPEG The CW overlay on the latest update now does a weird flicker when you scroll. Kinda annoying. Also still can’t load my profile posts nor DM’s. FWIW my profile does load correctly on other clients.

@mcg Might remove the CW overlay in the next update (revert back to how it was). I'll investigate regarding the other issues.

@JPEG Hey big thanks for all your work on Mast, I love it for the most part!

Unfortunately, the latest update makes CW's pretty much impossible to read

Would it be possible to have an interface where the CW is clearly legible both before and after opening it?

I'm going to have to stop using your app until they're usable again :(

Thanks again!

(Attached image is a screenshot of the new Mast Content Warnings)

@bgcarlisle Hey, I'll revert them back to how they were in the next update. Thanks for letting me know.

@JPEG Thanks!

Is there any way that CW's could be implemented so that they are visible after opening?

In many cases, the body of a message in Mastodon is written assuming that the subject will still be visible

Again, love your app and thanks for working on it :)

@bgcarlisle Personally can't think of a way to implement that in a way that's still minimal and not too cluttered on the timelines. Will add bit if I do! Thanks again!

@JPEG I might stick to the web app, then

Understanding what other people post is a higher priority than a minimalist aesthetic

Good luck!

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