@JPEG And here I am again with the list of bugs on iPad :)

1. See screenshot
2. Also crash when using “share link” and “share text”
3. [feature request] In portrait mode, left column seems too narrow. Maybe there should be an option to show timelines in fullscreen and opening single toot above it? Sorry, cannot explain it better. In short: show toots and timelines both fullscreen.

@JPEG Bonus: after I sent the second toot, app crashes EVERY time I tap on your original toot in timeline :(

"Tester" achievement acquired?

@Groosha Thank you for the great list of feedback and bug reports! I'll get through them soon and improve the overall experience! Tester achievement definitely acquired!

@JPEG @chartier gotta say I use Toot because I love the little track markers that show if a Toot is a reply or had been replied to. Also Mast is crashing on a 3D touch my up-to-date Xs.

@gregatron5 @chartier Does force quitting the app and heading back in help resolve it?

@JPEG @chartier yep, that fixed it. Odd, as I thought a hard crash would effectively be a force quit.

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