Mast for iOS is on sale for a limited time! Get yourself a copy or gift one to a friend. 🤩

@JPEG it's still USD 3,99/EUR 4,49 for me. Or is that the reduced price? If so, what was the regular price?

@JPEG hello your app has the potential to be something amazing for a social media client. However I cannot understand why I’m getting so many crashes when using Mast for everything I’m trying to do (timeline, viewing someone’s toots, linking another domain, etc.)

I want to love using this app but it’s really infuriating when the app crashes every few minutes.

@SleepingCobrox I’m extremely sorry about these crashes and issues you’re facing. If you could let me know when it crashes (what you were doing when it crashed and how to reproduce etc) it’d be super helpful and I’ll work towards resolving it.

@JPEG viewing profiles, loading hundreds of toots, viewing my own toots, checking the activity tab...

Nearly everything I’m doing basically

@JPEG Oké, bought your app, and give it a try 🙂

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