What will it take to get more 5 star reviews for Mast on the App Store 😭 I'm steadily fixing bugs and adding great new features alongside too.

@JPEG I’m sorry that you have to go through this right now! I think you’re doing a great job, especially when one keeps in mind that Mast still is relatively young app.

Maybe it was a bit unfortunate that there were two highly visible bugs affecting functionalities many people seem to care about (notifications & remembering read position) over the last weeks that have overshadowed all the improvements

@julianruf Thank you for the support. That's a very valid point about those issues overshadowing the rest. Hoping to get them resolved as much as possible going forward!

@julianruf @JPEG Worse, remembering read position is still not working for me, so I see myself going back to Toot! all the time even though I want to use Mast as it is open source, just because I can’t be bothered to scroll that much. 😕 it’s because I only check Mastodon every few days.

@js You’re right, the way I’ve phrased it isn’t 100% correct as both problems still aren’t fully solved (sorry, English isn’t my first language)

I’m 100% with you that the lack of a robust & intuitive read position mechanism is a downer, because like you I like Mast for many other reasons (functionality, design, open source, …)

Let’s hope that @JPEG will find a good solution soon. I’m quite sure that this then will also lead to some 5 star reviews as the rest of the app is excellent

@julianruf @js I agree with both of you. The scroll position retention is currently not as great as it can be. It's something I do want to get resolved very soon, so will work on it!

@JPEG No current AP app does read position holding and fetching new posts well. Solve that! Use Tweetbot for a while and emulate how that works with fetching, holding and updating the timeline. Emulate that. No “load more”, posts fetched as you scroll, next sequential block of posts appended at the top of the timeline. Pull to refresh doesn’t load the newest posts but the next sequential group. Work with Mastodon/Pleroma I’d server side changes are required to make it happen.

@mcg This is definitely something I want to do going forward, but it's a giant of a task for now. Tweetbot took years perfecting it. But really hoping to get something better working sometime in the near future. A lot of my limitations are due to API limitations for now.

@JPEG I’ve dug into the API enough to know it’s a big request. Seems like the API and ridiculously low request limits are actively hostile towards it. It’s a slog to read backlog on any client(web or app) today. So much so that I mostly do a single refresh , read the 20 or so posts that returns and ignore the rest. This isn’t great for keeping users interested in the platform🙁 #Amaroq actually gets this kinda right. A refresh doesn’t hold scroll position, it jumps the the top and pulls in the latest posts. Then it forces you to read in reverse chronological order scrolling down(ugh). But! What it gets right... It pulls in older posts as you scroll. Nearly seamless.

@mcg Yeah just going to have to wait for the API to evolve really and hold on for now till it gets there to a more usable and stable state. It's already great but could always be better, especially for timeline loading. Pagination will always exist these days in things though due to the sheer volume of things. And Amaroq's something I haven't tried (I briefly did before) but will check it out.

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