A new version of Mast is now available and it’s better than ever! Scheduling got way better and there’s much more. 🥳🎉

@JPEG Still working towards Push Notifications for Pleroma? I know Pleroma can be a bit different.

@JPEG Settings view crashes while scrolling just barely past the About section. Device is iPhone X. Also somewhat related, there's a lot of settings now. Maybe consider grouping and/or nesting some to make navigation easier?

@donavon I’d like to suggest resetting the app via the Settings app’s Mast section (note that this will entirely reset your app but fix this issue). And that’s a great suggestion, may do that sometime soon-ish.

@JPEG The reset made me sad. But it worked. Lol. 😝

@donavon Sorry about that! But glad that the crash is gone.

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