All this is doing is making me fear striving to add features and fix bugs at my steady rate. I'm now way more cautious because every update seems to be met with more criticism and the new additions are overlooked. I kind of need some affirmation that the time I've spent on things has been worthwhile - otherwise what's the point really. I know I often mention this stuff here, but rate things positively if you enjoy using them please, people. It helps immensely. Because otherwise the angry ones stand out.

@JPEG I gave you a five star rating just this morning. 👌🏻

@sebastianhahn Thank you so much! You're helping more than you know. :)

@JPEG i left a positive review and rating for #Mast a few days ago because it's useful and pretty

@VyrCossont That's very kind of you, and it's definitely appreciated! Thank you. :)

@JPEG ‘Dance like no one is watching, code like no one is leaving App Store reviews.’ - Wayne Gretzky - Michael Scott - Jamie Jenkins

Upped to 5 stars, and wanted to use the tip jar, but it crashes the app before I get there!

@django Awesome, thank you! And that's due to an issue with how accounts were handled previously before a breaking change (a free reinstall fixes this), although the next update I've just submitted has added a new Settings app toggle to reset everything avoiding the need to uninstall the app to fix these type of issues! We're getting there.

@JPEG oh man, that is great, I deleted and reinstalled and its working perfectly!

@JPEG have you thought of registering an official « Mast » account?

It could be useful to communicate this type of info, have tops & tricks, you can have relevant toots pinned etc!

@django Glad to hear it's working better, and I'd love to do that but I'd forget to update content on it and end up neglecting it.

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