Being a developer in this day and age is quite frustrating. Every day I wake up and see "Mast has received a new 1 star review" and think "ugh what idiot didn't like one small (or individual) aspect of the app and base it all of that... again." - and 9/10 times I'm correct. My latest review praises the app to great lengths and mentions that notifications aren't working - so 1 star.

@JPEG I tagged Zombie_Steves review as not helpful.

The app is great, but it can be a bit frustrating to see new features released, without bugs being addressed. If anything fixes should always come before features, especially when they seem like regressions.

@JPEG anyhow I hope you keep at it! I do appreciate the continuous updates.

@django That's super helpful, thanks! And that's definitely noted and making a conscious effort to strive for fixes too. Next update submitted with a few minor fixes and further things so hopefully it's edging towards something better now!

@JPEG Not an app dev, but can see how this would be really frustrating. I am sure I am not alone with appreciating your work on Mast. I realize it's a general problem with 1* reviews, but at least for notifications, maybe it would be a good idea to note that "they are coming soon" in the app? As it is today, they appear to be available, but that's not really the case.

Unrelate... I am thankful Mast works with the Pleroma flakeID update 👍

@mcg That's very kind of you to notice and sympathise with, thank you! That's great advice and something I would've done but the notifications issue is on the server end and won't need a new App Store update to push that out, and so would rather leave it so it automatically starts working without intervention once it's fixed!

Thank you for noticing that! Got alerted about it by someone working at Pleroma and ensured that Mast was one of the first to include that. :)

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