The new Mast update (1.4.4) is now here and available to download via the App Store, with an emergency fix for the bad crash bug plaguing a few users.

@JPEG Got the update and it worked for a while. Now it's crashing immediately on app launch again. It looks like it's trying to refresh my home feed when it happens.

@lakhesis @JPEG same here, both versions just immediately crashed for me while trying to refresh my timeline

@moritzheiber @JPEG I deleted and reinstalled, and that got me back into Mast.

Hopefully that will work for you too.

@moritzheiber @JPEG

I had another crash while refreshing this morning, but it didn’t lock me into a launch-crash cycle. Killing the app and relaunching fixed it.

Whatever the problem is, it’s specific to some refresh edge case. The crash on launch only happened when the problem refresh was happening on launch.

@moritzheiber @JPEG Despite the problems I’m running into, I really like Mast. It’s very responsive, and it’s got a lot of features I’ve been wishing other apps would add. Thanks for making it!

@JPEG Everythings works great !! Thanks for this fix. :)

@JPEG I didn’t try, because I wasn’t sure if you need the app data for debugging.

@JPEG It fixed it for a while, but now it crashes on every refresh. Before this I got duplicate toots and the reading position doesn’t remain. Behaving very buggy.

@pheraph Resolved this issue for the next update now. Should be here by the end of the week.

@JPEG it crashes at startup for me. newest version. I had just logged in to an older instance that hasnt updated for many versions of mastodon. mast opens, doesn’t load anything and when I try to change instances it crashes. tried force quitting and no luck.

@JPEG What's the best place to send you bug reports like this? I keep getting the same instant crash on reload issue, using the newest version. I've already both offloaded and entirely deleted / reinstalled it. It's otherwise a fantastic app, so I'd like to help you figure out what might be causing it.

Could it be related to my phone only having about 1g free of storage?

@foureyedsoul Here or on my GitHub through the open source link on my profile would be best, and that issues been resolved for the next update, thanks!

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