@JPEG i think this makes Mast the first client to implement the `exclude_reblogs` filter 🥳

@JPEG It unfortunately crashes on launch for me now, on iPhone. Deleting and reinstalling doesn’t fix. Working fine on iPad.

@FrozenTrout @JPEG Crashing on launch for me too, latest iOS on an iPhone XR!

@dar @JPEG Good point, I should mention: also latest iOS, iPhone XS

@FrozenTrout Emergency fix for this has been submitted now.

@JPEG Man, every time your updates really are presents packed with awesome stuff – love to trade the update details! 😃🎁🎉

»Tap an images caption …« – thanks especially for that one! 😅🙏

@JPEG The app also crashes on my iPhone XS Max with iOS 12.1.2 when I open it. Neither a restart or a reinstall did help

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