The latest Mast update may have only been out for a few hours, but I waste no time. Content for the next update is already underway.

@JPEG With the last update, I sometimes get a "Load more" button at the *top* of the timeline, and clicking it crashes the app. I know some toots were posted, though, but refreshing manually doesn't "fix" that either.

The timeline streaming is enabled, should I try to disable it, and see if the problem still occurs?

@JPEG I don't know, that was what I just answered to you after the crash. I sent my toot, then went right back to my tl, and here they were.

But I encounter the bug a *lot*, unfortunately

@JPEG Am I the only one having this issue, or did you get other similar feedbacks?

@JPEG @Vetra I bought the Mast app yesterday and this morning ran into the same issue, but it’s good to hear that the fix is in the “pipeline”.

@JPEG @Vetra On my iPad Mast app is working normally so here the issue impacts only iPhone

@juzzuf @Vetra This is now resolved for the next update coming this weekend.

@JPEG @Vetra Got the update and after logout-login all seems to be good. Thanks for a good app!

@juzzuf @JPEG Yup, it was something quite similar here too x)

Now my only issue would be the notifs not showing, somehow?

@JPEG FYI, timeline date stamps are inconsistent on the Local TL.

@conr Ah looks like anything from before the 1st of January is being labelled as 1y.

@JPEG also my TL always starts at one certain toot like 3 weeks ago when i open the app. i have to do a pull down refresh to see the most recent.

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