Mast 1.4.1 is now available and it brings with it a highly requested feature: Load More cells. Along with other niceties like an activity graph and iPad improvements. 🎉⚡️

@JPEG Yay! And my messed-up timeline is up to speed, too 😁 Thanks!

@JPEG FYI the “follow mast” in Mastodon button in settings says it follows successfully but it does not. I hat to add by hand. Also, when viewing a federated user (like you) it won’t complete the URL, (eg is used @ vs @JPEG )

@JPEG does it load the additional cells above or below? Seems to push the posts I'm currently looking at down so I lose my place. Would much prefer to have it load the cells above and push cells up instead of down.

@danvpeterson It currently does push it down, and I see that that was a bad implementation. I've since changed it to load upwards so the net update will be that way.

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