Load more... 😏 (coming in the next Mast update)

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@JPEG is it going to be possible to load new toots above the load more button?

@Olli_W_ The way it'll work is as follows:
- Pull to refresh, which loads latest toots and presents the 'load more' cell if there are missing toots
- Tapping the 'load more' cell loads new toots downwards and presents another 'load more' cell if there's still missing toots

@Olli_W_ With the new update there'll be no need to really. It assumes loading newest by default and then filling in gaps downwards, which is how most users want to read their timelines.

@JPEG i usually read oldest to newest (bottom to top) which is why i'd prefer Mast to load missing toots upwards (so that i don't lose my scroll position). but i mean, it's fine don't worry

@JPEG @Olli_W_ if this loads downwards, then won’t you have to scroll back down to read, then scroll back up and figure out where you were?

@mcg @JPEG @tootapp yeah it does! it sometimes jumps around by two or three toots though :/

@Olli_W_ @JPEG @tootapp Gets confuses when your at the end of the timeline and wants to request more. Pulls duplicates or something. Position holding is hard. IMHO the 20 toot per request is a pain.

@JPEG Just bought Mast and this was my only gripe, great news!

@JPEG Can't wait. That's one of the things that keeps me using Toot!

@noahmittman Should be available as long as you’re in landscape.

@JPEG pulling to refresh on the iPad seems to only load the next 20(?) forward and not the newest toots, which would explain why I never see that bar. But I'm also not seeing the settings option that lets me change that behavior. I know it was in the app before -- was it removed?

@noahmittman Thanks, this is fixed for the next version now.

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