The next update of Mast is coming soon, and it includes an activity graph, along with various bug fixes for the iPad. 🥳

@JPEG Will notifications be working? I miss those :blobsoothed:

@JPEG what about the timeline fix mentioned in the release notes?

@nicktmro Being worked on for the next update, was putting it off but almost done now.

@JPEG that’s great. For me at least, that’s the one feature that determines what app I launch in the morning ;)

@JPEG Hi, I just asked the question on the TheMastApp account, but I'll ask it here too, as I don't know if you're still posting on that account:

It seems like custom emoji from other instances aren't showing (we can only see the :code:), I don't know if it's intended? (Same in an account bio or in a user name, local or not)

@Vetra Thanks for letting me know! Will look into it later.

@JPEG well :thonking:

Maybe I encountered that one bug in a unique condition that I'll never find again?

@Vetra Great spot, thanks! Will fix it for the next update.

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