In my spirit of being transparent, I've only sold about 1.5k copies of Mast up to now.

@JPEG tapping Load More crashes the app. So does refreshing Activity. See attached vid. I’m running the latest App Store version. I did a delete and reinstall. Happy to help with diagnosis or testing a fix once you have one.

@JPEG posting that toot “fixed” it. But now I’m seeing double ;)

@nicktmro This issue has been resolved for the next update coming this weekend.

@JPEG to be fair. i switched back to toot! app because the way toot loading (or not) was (and for my use case still is) handled made Mast absolutely unusable for me. i only ever look at mastodon once a day or so. and not being able to load more from old toots up to the present was killing Mast for me.

@Ibn The latest update aims to make this a whole lot better.

@JPEG still not working for me. as i mentioned in the other toot loading from older toots to newer ones still not possible and the load more button is very hard to spot. btw i haven't checked recently but so the notifications work again?

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