@JPEG Loving it so far. Few bugs and minor requests...

• Replied to thread and crashed. Maybe first time glitch

• When viewing post, I can tap the star button to like, Mast will confirm and the button color changes, but the blue text under the post does not update or change

• Set direct messages to be highlighted in settings. But when viewing those direct message threads (from notifications), only some messages show an icon, and none are highlighted there (?)

• Long-pressing to change colors moves the scroll position down some. Strange

Would love to see in future update...

• Instance emoticons in a grid

• Ability to see previous post on new “toot” screen when replying

• Better image attachment display/options. It’s currently a tiny square that overlays the lower-left of my post

• Showing proper character limits on new posts per instance settings. Mine is 5,000 and there’s no way I’m -450 right now

If I think of more I’ll share. Otherwise great job on the new update. Thanks for all your hard work!
@JPEG Ok sorry I have three more requests that I’d LOVE to see...

• Reply thread lines like Apollo or Toot! apps using line colors

• Dedicated section for DMs under notifications

• Ability to re-hide an opened CW, like the web interface

Also, I just realized how to see previous toot when replying except, it takes up most of the screen estate so I can only see half an option of the list below to scroll through. Maybe 50/50 split those sections?

@Averly Thank you for all the great feedback and suggestions! I'll add them to my list and make my way through them in due course. :)

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