@JPEG hmm. iPad crashes a lot. When I press the icon that’s a bunch of lines it crashes then won’t load my home TL ever again. If I press the ... on a toot page it crashes.

@matilde Thanks for letting me know, will aim to resolve these in future updates.

The same happens to me. Just bought it and it keeps crashing on my iPad Mini 4 :( When can we expect a fix?

@ffreling Fixed it now, will push out the update either tomorrow or day after!

@JPEG It’s not crashing anymore :) But I can’t see the public timeline of other instances :( I can add one but clicking on it does nothing.

Sorry it is unusable on my iPad. I asked a refund on the App Store.

@JPEG the sidebar activity view on iPad doesn't seem to ... fit ... on my 9.7" iPad Pro. :) only 4 letters per line, and the rest of the inch or so is reserved by the avatar.

@brion Oh damn! I tested on all sizes apart from that one assuming it'll work on that one just fine too. Lesson learned! Will fix this for the next update.

@JPEG well done! I just might use this full time over Toot! Both are great apps.

@JPEG this is whiny but please make an android app that looks this good, we're DYING out here!!!

@eightbitsamurai I personally don't have any plans for Android, but it's open source so more than happy for someone else to bring it over!

@JPEG Reading the list of fixes now. Looking forward to CW retention in replies. Thank you!

@JPEG for me, 1.4 now causes my timeline scroll position to start from the same place (middle of the day, Dec 22nd) and i have to scroll up 20 toots at a time to get back to current position. Loses place and starts from Dec 22nd every time the app is quit.

@cancel Does a fresh reinstall help resolve this? And was this on iPhone or iPad?

@JPEG iPhone. I reinstalled it. With default settings, it seems to load at a random place sometime on my timeline within the last 5 hours. Quitting and relaunching it puts it in a randomly different place each time.

@cancel Tested on my end and it’s working fine, do you also use the iPad app? Does it retain scroll position when pulling to refresh?

@JPEG Hmm. No, I don't have an iPad. I set Mast to just load from the top, instead of from the current position, and that works correctly. I'll see if maybe I can figure out a way to record the screen.

I also noticed that streaming and push notifications don't work, at least on the Mastodon instance I'm on (I don't know very much about Mastodon). Is that expected?

@JPEG it does retain the scroll position when doing pull-to-refresh, though, yes.

@JPEG I’ve reinstalled the latest version and am stuck in a loop after putting in my instance. As soon as I type my login and password to authorize Mast, I get redirected back to Mast asking my to enter the name of my instance. No way to log in.

@JPEG Loving it so far. Few bugs and minor requests...

• Replied to thread and crashed. Maybe first time glitch

• When viewing post, I can tap the star button to like, Mast will confirm and the button color changes, but the blue text under the post does not update or change

• Set direct messages to be highlighted in settings. But when viewing those direct message threads (from notifications), only some messages show an icon, and none are highlighted there (?)

• Long-pressing to change colors moves the scroll position down some. Strange

Would love to see in future update...

• Instance emoticons in a grid

• Ability to see previous post on new “toot” screen when replying

• Better image attachment display/options. It’s currently a tiny square that overlays the lower-left of my post

• Showing proper character limits on new posts per instance settings. Mine is 5,000 and there’s no way I’m -450 right now

If I think of more I’ll share. Otherwise great job on the new update. Thanks for all your hard work!
@JPEG Ok sorry I have three more requests that I’d LOVE to see...

• Reply thread lines like Apollo or Toot! apps using line colors

• Dedicated section for DMs under notifications

• Ability to re-hide an opened CW, like the web interface

Also, I just realized how to see previous toot when replying except, it takes up most of the screen estate so I can only see half an option of the list below to scroll through. Maybe 50/50 split those sections?

@Averly Thank you for all the great feedback and suggestions! I'll add them to my list and make my way through them in due course. :)

@JPEG@mastodon.technology Hey, #Mast is my choice for #Mastodon interactions on iOS, but it would be very neat, if you also added support for loging in, and interacting with #Misskey instances in some future release too?

I think POST api/notes is an important call for viewing and interacting with the Misskey timeline, while POST api/users is an important call to interact with Misskey users. There may be other necessary calls to implement, of course.


This would really add to the value proposition on iOS, I think...
Thank you,

@marhaec Thanks for the heads up! I'll add it to my list of things to get round to. :)

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