If you've been on the fence for buying Mast for iOS to enhance your Mastodon experience, here are the overall ratings for the app.

If you're put off by the few 1 star reviews, this is an example of what they're all like.

"I'm loving everything else about this app except this".

On the other hand, seeing them as constructive criticism and we're on our way to a perfect app.

@JPEG Phew, putting pressure onto the developer/s … those comments about upgrading the rating after implementing/changing certain things feel almost like blackmailing to me. Hmmm, but maybe they don’t know any better?

Anyway it’s good to think about it as constructive criticism. 😅

@MrDoodlezz It’s definitely almost like blackmailing, which sucks. But I guess it is effective and they know it. Oh well!

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