Two months of Mast. It's already my favourite thing that I've worked on.

@nicktmro Yes and no. It's the best that any of my apps have done so far, and any sales is better than nothing in my eyes. But at the same time, it's far below what I'd expect from an app that has this kind of content and features.

@JPEG my advice:

You could make Mast free, but it only loads the most recent 20 statuses, or something like that, until an in-app purchase unlocks it.

@kai That's a great suggestion and something I had previously considered, but I always associate things like that with scam apps in my eyes. It just seems like a bad move to 'tease' people essentially and restrict everything behind a paywall like that. I'd much rather be upfront and let them decide whether they're willing to pay before they buy it from the App Store so they don't have to do the whole download and delete dance. Maybe just me though!

@JPEG if it were free with ads, or paid without, I would agree with you.

But I think some sort of feature-limited free version is helpful to decide if an app is worth using.

@kai That's true, I might try something like that in the future.

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