Mast has recently got quite a lot of 1-star reviews (pretty much all from users solely using the iPad app). Hoping that this recent update resolves most gripes and makes it more stable for them.

@JPEG still bummed that we lost multi column support, but I do love that you’re back to developing #Mast

@Admin Gotta go where the demand is unfortunately, and this was far too complex to just add as a setting. And was always here haha, just had a week off for a new app I had an idea for.

@JPEG that’s fair, I wish there was just an easy way to support single column in portrait but multi in landscape 🤷🏼‍♂️😅

@Admin Likewise, but couldn't really figure anything out for now. But not ruling it out entirely. Might figure it out the blue one day and add it.

@JPEG I’ve had a few crashes on my iPhone X recently, too.

@tewha Any that are reproducible? What actions were undertaken to make it crash?

@JPEG Not so I've noticed. Mostly, it's crashed on resume. I'll see if I can find any crash logs when I get home!

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