@JPEG the thing that stops me from making Mast my default Mastodon app is a fix you’ve announced for the next release: complete timelines. The uncertainty around what I’m seeing makes me hesitate to launch the app in “consumption” mode. I do love it to post new toots, though.

@nicktmro I definitely understand that and the frustration surrounding it. It's something I wanted to get in a while back too but it's been difficult trying to find a reasonable fix that works seamlessly with Mastodon's API.

@JPEG love the iPad changes. Sadly it still doesn’t fix the timeline position loading problem for me.

@danvpeterson That's unfortunate, I wonder if a clean reinstall this time might help. Tested it out myself on home timelines and it retains the scroll position.

@JPEG done. Hopefully that fixes it. Have been having to use another app while it’s been broken for me and I miss Mast!

@JPEG @danvpeterson I have the same problem, hoping for the best post-update, I'll try a reinstall if not

@JPEG @chrisWhite let me know if there's anything I can do to help test. Happy to hop on a beta or test stuff however.

Mast 1.2.6 offers a better iPad layout and retains timeline scroll positions


@JPEG Just bought Mast and am trying it on my iPad. I hate to ask this, but how do I close the settings modal?

@dave Tapping anywhere outside it should close it.

@JPEG it doesn't. 😬

Also after turning on push notifications, the next time the timeline refreshes the toggle turns back off on its own. 😣

Also also I am out of the settings menu now, but only because the app crashed. 😢

@JPEG Also also also I like that you made the four profile things into buttons, but they don't provide a way to show non-link content when applicable. For example, @annika who I follow has her pronouns listed, but all I see in Mast is a 'Pronouns' button that does nothing.

@JPEG Also also also also if you have an issue tracker or GitHub or something where you'd rather me give you these bug reports, please let me know.

@dave Thank you for all your feedback! I'll look into it. I do indeed have somewhere like that: github.com/ShihabM/Mast

@dave I've just tested some of these issues out and it seems they're all iPad specific, and work fine on the iPhone. I'll work on improving it to make the experience pleasant on both.

@JPEG cool, I appreciate it. I'll try it out on my phone later as well.

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