A new version of Mast is now available. A better iPad layout is now here. 🚨🎉

@JPEG the thing that stops me from making Mast my default Mastodon app is a fix you’ve announced for the next release: complete timelines. The uncertainty around what I’m seeing makes me hesitate to launch the app in “consumption” mode. I do love it to post new toots, though.

@nicktmro I definitely understand that and the frustration surrounding it. It's something I wanted to get in a while back too but it's been difficult trying to find a reasonable fix that works seamlessly with Mastodon's API.

@JPEG love the iPad changes. Sadly it still doesn’t fix the timeline position loading problem for me.

@danvpeterson That's unfortunate, I wonder if a clean reinstall this time might help. Tested it out myself on home timelines and it retains the scroll position.

@JPEG done. Hopefully that fixes it. Have been having to use another app while it’s been broken for me and I miss Mast!

@JPEG @danvpeterson I have the same problem, hoping for the best post-update, I'll try a reinstall if not

@JPEG @chrisWhite let me know if there's anything I can do to help test. Happy to hop on a beta or test stuff however.

Mast 1.2.6 offers a better iPad layout and retains timeline scroll positions


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