What’s up with my iMac... not a good sign.


If it's not a corrupt video driver or an update issue, this behavior normally is due to:

• GPU fault
• VRAM overheating
• VRAM fault

I don't know if your iMac have a discrete graphics card or just the integrated graphics chip of the CPU, so do your research.

@rusmov Thanks for the heads up! I run my OS from an external SSD so wondering if that overhead may have anything to do with it too. I have a spare SSD lying around which I might try swap it out with sometime later.

@JPEG You're welcome. Does this happen immediately when you start doing that particular task or does it happen after some time? You should be able to reproduce the exact condition every time in order to make a correct evaluation, if it's about overheating it will always happen after [insert time value here] assuming you have the same room temperature.

Never heard of external OS drives causing those video artifacts, but who knows, you should never be surprised by computer issues 😄

@rusmov It tends to happen randomly after a while of usage, when the entire computer freezes and sometimes force shuts down too. Happens often enough o be an issue.

@JPEG It's definitely a hardware overheating issue in my opinion. You should check temps with a hardware monitoring app (I don't know about Macs sorry), CPU should not go over 70°C and GPU no more than 80°C for a safe functioning.

@rusmov Thank you for the clarity on this issue! I'll investigate further.

@JPEG I experienced the same thing some years ago. The GPU was dying...

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