I really want to make an email app, might get round to starting that one day soon. Always been something I wanted to do, way before any social network app.

@staticsafe Awesome! Hoping to make it as beautiful as can be.

@JPEG I wrote a simple SMTP client into an app once. It was a giant pain, and we never even added SSL. But there's libraries for all that stuff now (probably was back then, too, but we were in Pascal).

From what I hear, IMAP is even more broken.

I'm not trying to discourage you, though, just encourage you to either use existing librar(ies) for IMAP/SMTP.

@JPEG …err, "…or aim at writing something reusable for that level yourself." Sorry. Over-Edit. :)

@tewha Thank you for the insight! I've never dabbled with it so can't really know what to expect from it, so this is super helpful in helping me weigh up whether it's even worth embarking on this journey!

@JPEG Ok now I’m getting worried about spreading yourself way too thin. You have a lot of apps already and probably a ton of requests for them.

For example: this is where I, as a Mast fan, am starting to feel alienated and that none of the stuff I hope it gets will actually show up.

@chartier That's entirely understandable. Thing is, I have plenty of ideas and things I want to try out and get out there still. At the same time I am trying to maintain my apps. Mast will get an update next week, and I've got someone from Pleroma working on other features on a fork. Really hoping to eventually hire more people.

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