Did you need a new social network to migrate to after a certain network made a few poor decisions yesterday (*cough* *cough*)? Well... Welcome to Mastodon! 😄🤖🔥

And if you’re using an iOS device, I’m sure you’ll want a beautiful app to browse on - is a great contender!

Don’t just take my word for it, it is now #3 top social networking apps on the App Store! 🎉

Congrats, that is no small feat, especially for a paid app!

@JPEG I haven’t tried your app yet. Using Amaroq. But, you may want to consider moving star,repost icons on top of the post with probably much smaller size. As far as I can see all the content seem to be stuck at right side of the screen.

@umurgdk I was aiming for a really minimal timeline appearance, and so tucked the actions away behind a slide gesture which brings them in. This way it's there only when you want it, and prevents accidental mis-taps too.

@JPEG by any chance you're going to develop an Android app for Mast? :) it's way too beautiful on iOS and I wish there's one for Android. I use both OS.

@self Thank you for the kind words but I personally have no plans for that. It’s open source though so more than happy for someone else to do that.

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