- Got asked for one of my app icons to be featured in a physical book by a prominent design author.

- Got asked for the same app to be featured in a curated website of most beautiful apps.

- Getting one of my apps shown on a massive GitHub library's app showcase page.

- Released a new to-do list app.

- Open sourced a few of my apps.

It's been a busy (and interesting) week. Some of the reasons as to why there hasn't been a new Mast update this week (sorry!).

@JPEG which site is the one that curates the most beautiful apps?

@JPEG oh damn i'm already following that site, was hoping to find a new one. either way congratulations, this is big!!

@Olli_W_ Thanks! Glad to hear you're already following it.

@JPEG No worries, you were releasing on a pretty fast schedule anyway. I’d rather see you rested and ready than burning out on updating a million things every day.

@chartier Thanks! Got a lot planned but attempting to juggle a whole bunch of things.

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