Okay my health issues are getting worse and it's affecting my ability to do things. I'm going to take things slower than usual with my app development for a while. Sorry!


Self-care is more important than app development, take all the time you need! ☕ 🍪

@switchingsocial Thank you! I need to take more care of myself. ☺️

@JPEG @switchingsocial garbage in; garbage out.

Eat well, rest well, play well.

@JPEG you've got to prioritize health, you're good 💕

@JPEG feel better soon man, never feel bad for needing to take care of yourself!

@JPEG you’re not a bot, you do awesome job. Take care for yourself now. You need it, we can wait. I’m glad to help coding if you want to.

@JPEG That’s just humanity. It’s reality. You do what you can, and you’re free to.
(btw: any idea why I don’t get any notifications from Mast?)

@sergeybrin it’s temporarily broken at the moment but will attempt to fix it sometime soon.

@JPEG Take some time off if you can. I hope you feel better soon!

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