A date and time picker that fits the app’s visuals quite nicely. 🤔

@JPEG any chance you are using (or planning to use) CRDTs for conflictless merging when syncing data? If so, might be the exact app I’ve been wanting to write!

@codechemist I'm not familiar with what that is, sorry! Could you elaborate please?

@JPEG CRDTs are awesome. As long as you have the same set of changes, you are guaranteed to have the same resultant data structure. Means the user never ends up with a merge dialog. Great for data that might be synced. Means you also don’t have to worry about truth in the cloud; you can sync peer to peer, inter/intra-process, etc.

@codechemist Thank you for the write-up! That sounds pretty good, and I look forward to researching more into it, thanks!

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