I have far more apps that I've removed from sale than are currently available for sale. I'm often not content with my own work, and I think that's synonymous across most creatives.

@JPEG I used to suffer from that, but I'm now selling products for 10+ years and I'm my own boss and doing well, and there's ways to get around perfectionism while not sacrificing the joy of working on great apps that help people do stuff. :)

@thomasfuchs That's a great and very healthy track record! 10+ years of fussing on one thing would require me to make something that's timeless and not a niche product. Hopefully aiming to find that one day soon!

@JPEG You might enjoy my wife's book on shipping (and why ideas and waiting for inspiration are bad!): :)

@thomasfuchs Thanks! That looks great, I'll check it out. Looks like it'll be a great read.

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