@JPEG Thanks for the discount! I’m pretty new to Mastodon, but I immediately had my eyes on Mast – it looks so sleek! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

@MrDoodlezz You're welcome! Thank you for the kind words.

@JPEG And here I was just thinking that I needed to go buy it instead of continuing to use this old TestFlight copy. 😀

@tim1724 Perfect timing, and thank you! I appreciate that.

@JPEG All these Mast posts are making me want to try it out over my current client Amaroq, which has been very enjoyable for me to date.

@hankg I'm sure you'll love it just as much, if not more! :)

@JPEG it says it has in app purchase, it bothers me because if I pay for an app I don't want it to have additional purchase options on top

@tursiops I can totally understand that and I'm usually in the same boat. This, however, is a tip jar if anyone chooses to pay anything additionally to show some love. All features are there without that too from the get-go!

@JPEG ok thanks for the info. I'm currently using amaroq anything that really should make me switch?

@tursiops The beautiful design, the amount of customisation available, the Apple-centric features like 3D Touch, Siri Shortcuts, Watch app, iMessage Stickers, Share Extensions, etc. And gestures.

@JPEG ok I'll give it a try but i put the blame on you if I'm not satisfied ;)

@JPEG it's working on ipad, OMG! I was looking for an ipad app since forever! Worth every penny!

@tursiops Awesome, really glad to hear it! For now the iPhone version is still better but hoping to bring the iPad app to the same level soon.

@JPEG one thing though when logging in I have two factor activated and I cannot leave the app to go to my auth app to get the code because when I come back it resets everything so I have to use my phone to login to my ipad and vice versa.

@tursiops Ah! I'll admit I haven't previously encountered this scenario as I've never considered 2FA. Thanks for alerting me about it. I'll investigate!

@JPEG while I'm at it, before I had a nice feature where I could add as many columns I want with the # I want to watch in particular, so is that a feature I haven't found or not a feature at all? Also could I resize some columns to another size? Thanks!

@tursiops That's not there yet but planned (which is why I find the iPad app is lesser than the iPhone app), will be recreating some parts of the iPad app.

@JPEG ok good to know. I'll be waiting patiently then

@JPEG btw I can be your beta tester lol ;) I say that because there's just one more thing I would like to comment on. The way you need to swipe right to show the star and boost button. I find that impractical for 2 reasons, first because while scrolling it's often that it swipes right instead of down, maybe it's just me. And also why make some take 2 clicks when you can do it in one, by just leaving it below each each toot ? Thanks!

@tursiops Hey, unfortunately betas have been closed for a while now as app review times are far quicker than beta review times these days and they've been smaller fixes recently. Regarding the swipe actions, that's something I've taken a stance on since the beginning due to retaining the minimal appearance and decluttering the timelines.

@JPEG one of the screenshots so a profile and has 'mast' 'my apps' and 'twitter' buttons....does this allow posting to multiple linked social accounts or something?

@BlakeTalmage They're the Mastodon linked content. For example, I have those ones you said, which take me to the respective links/sites. The approved/verified ones also show a tick beside them.

@JPEG What, you have to pay for a Mastodon app on iOS? Not sure whether I should laugh or cry.

@disrupted Very serious. Mastodon is open source, decentralised and free. It's about taking social networks away from corporations.Tons of great free open source clients exist on android. But on iOS, apparently users don't care if they're still asked to pay? It's like someone asks you to pay for looking at a rainbow.

@turion @disrupted Isn't it like the difference between "free as in freedom" and "free as in beer"? Like, Mastodon is free as in freedom, but it doesn't need to be free as in beer?

Now, of course, @turion , you are totally right about competing with corporate social networks, which are eminently free as in beer. However, I do not personally see an issue with paying for a good free as in freedom app to access a free as in freedom social network.
@scolobb @turion @disrupted

There's however a trust issue in paying for a *proprietary* software, instead of a libre software. A proprietary frontend to mastodon could be a problem. Although, this is not immediately connected to whether you pay for it.

@scolobb @disrupted I'm completely fine with paying developers for a free as in freedom app. I regularly pay e.g. #OSMAnd developers for their amazing work. But that app doesn't seem to be free as in freedom.

Just downloaded the app! Great work.
2 features I’d love:
- Link previews
- Multiple accounts

Keep at it, this is def the best looking client on iOS, ...I’ve tried em all!

@El_django Thank you! And those features will come in a future update. :)

@JPEG Looks very nice, will recommend to friends having iPhones.

But I just forgot about that disgusting "thing" on the top of iPhone X. :(

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