@JPEG Hey, just had a quick look. You’ve released the source but it’s not open source :) (github.com/ShihabM/Mast/blob/m)

If you release it under a GPLv3+ license you will ensure exactly the same outcome (no one but you can sell it on the iOS/macOS App Store). And it will be FOSS. Which will get others to contribute under the same license. (You can also ask contributors to license their contributors so you can include them and keep selling it too.)

@aral Hey, my bad! Any guidance on where I can find this or how to amend it to the required license?

@JPEG Sure: gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.ht – GitHub should have the option to select it / create your LICENSE file directly also.


@aral Already got a GPL3 license, am I missing something?

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@JPEG Oh, cool. It just conflicts with the “Permission is granted to use the source code, but not to sell it as your own.” in the readme. As it’s under GPL and since it must be relicensed for the App Store (and since only you can do that as you have the copyright), it means no one can sell it on the App Store. The “not to sell it as your own” competes with the GPL license & muddies the licensing (is it an extension to the GPL, etc.) I’d remove that sentence & you’re golden.

@aral Thanks for the clarity, I understand it much better now and have changed the ReadMe to reflect the advice. :)

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