Quick question about Pixelfed, is there only one instance? (pixel

@switchingsocial Thanks! Wonder what differentiates those from a Mastodon instance?


I think @dansup said the API for Pixelfed would be out soon? That might make things clearer?

@switchingsocial @dansup That's good to know, thanks! Was intending to start work on a Pixelfed app.

@JPEG @dansup

Sounds good! 👍

AFAIK the main stuff still to do is fixing bugs in federation so that a release version can be launched.

@JPEG @switchingsocial @dansup oh I would love a instagram alternative and if you’d make the app, count me in as a customer.

@digitalbaboon @switchingsocial @dansup That's very kind of you to say, thank you! Hoping to get started soon and be done early next year.

@dansup @switchingsocial Thanks! Might make a start with this soon. Any idea on when I can expect a full API doc?

@wakest @dansup @switchingsocial It will be a separate app as Mast displays content in a text-heavy format like Twitter, whereas I want the Pixelfed app to be image-heavy like Instagram.

@JPEG @switchingsocial Will be finishing the docs and APIs within a week or two! It is based on the Mastodon API so it should be somewhat familiar.

@dansup @switchingsocial That's great to hear! Bookmarked it. I can't wait to make a start on this.

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