I have just put about 8gb worth of comics onto my iPad. It's ambitious, because where am I even going to get the time to read them?

@chartier Would be an awesome idea, but driving there haha.

@JPEG @chartier I love working from home, but one thing I miss about my “train job” is all the reading and listening to music I got done.

@chrisdomico @chartier You should put it on in the background during your morning routine at home!

@JPEG @chartier I definitely do with the music. Don’t get nearly as much time to read as I used to though. The trade off is that the 3 hours I used to spend per day riding back and forth on the train is now spent with my family. So there’s that I guess.

@chrisdomico @JPEG That’s a massive win. I’ve also seen some people take some of their former commute time and walk or bus to a local coffee shop for some or part of their day.

They get some of that commute back, but only a little, and on their terms. But also that ‘podcast time’ to keep up with the shows they care about.

Might be an option for you.

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