@JPEG hey, do you have an issue tracker or another place to submit bug reports/requests? thanks!

@masanbol Hey, unfortunately I don't as of yet, but happy to have them emailed over to me via the App Store support page link, or listed here! :)

@JPEG oh hey, who's that in the screenshot with the notifications? they look like a cool person... :blobpeek:

@JPEG does this mean it will also support uploading your own gifs (adding them like a normal image has flattened them and stopped the animation… try one on this toot to test)

@gb At the moment, it detects whether the content from your camera roll is a pic or a video, and uploads it accordingly. All GIFs seem to be treated as pics. Will investigate!

@JPEG seems to be a common thing in clients… only Amaroq seems to upload a local gif without crushing it.

@gb Will add it to my list of things to add.

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