The next version of Mast will let you browse for and add GIFs. πŸŽ‰

@JPEG Great news. Did I report (or were you already aware of) the crasher when interacting with toots from other instances?

If I switch to, say, your instance to view the local timeline, then try to rely/boost/fav, Mast crashes.

@chartier You did indeed report that, I'll look into it now, thanks!

@JPEG I’m loving Mast! Great job man. πŸ‘

@JPEG this looks amazing! wish there was an app that looks as smooth as this for android

@citrustwee Thanks! And hopefully someone develops one for that soon.

@Admin It's a video on my end and on the web too haha.

How does a person get to the screen from which he/she can initiate a search for GIFs?

@airwolf85 It's not in the current version, but it is coming very soon and will be accessible via the toot composer.

Ah ok.... Noted. Thanks for the update. Any Ids when the next version is available?? πŸ™‚

@airwolf85 It's been submitted, so whenever it gets approved by Apple. :)

@airwolf85 All apps and updates on iOS have to get approved by Apple's review team before they're available.

Ah ok... I would expect that for iOS. Except I'm on Android... πŸ˜‰

@JPEG As a JPEG, how does that make you feel? πŸ€”

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