Okay, here goes. This isn't something I would normally do, ever. It's taking quite a bit of courage to disclose this. I really do believe we need a lot more transparency with this stuff.

Here are my figures (units and sales) for my two best apps over the duration of the past month. Well, Mast has only been out for two weeks. Both apps were made in under 3 weeks, and both were featured (hence the high impressions count).

The apps are Cosmicast and Mast:

@JPEG those look like some excellent numbers and congratulations!

@jrollans Thank you! Really hoping to get more Mast users onboard though.

@JPEG I’m hoping so too. There’s something I can’t quite figure out when trying to “sell” my people on using Mastodon in general.

@jrollans Most don't really grasp the concept of what Mastodon is or why it's something you'd even want to use. It's an uphill battle getting users to even give it a thought.

@JPEG it really is; I just make sure to always explain the difference between a billion corporation having the control over your data and a decentralized and open source system while also trying not to cause their eyes to glaze over with total and complete boredom.

I don’t think I’ve figured it out yet...

@JPEG wow, I always thought there would be more paying customers. Thank you for sharing. I really like Mast, it’s an awesome app

@tscho Glad to share! More people ought to know these things. And definitely, it’s hard getting word out there.

@JPEG congrats to the success and revenue and thanks for sharing it here.

But this is not only a reward for 3 weeks of work but even more the return on the investment into your tool chain and most important your education.

If I had the same tools I would not be able to do this in 3 months or even 3 years.

@maddin Thank you for the encouragement and support! I wholeheartedly agree that it's a learning tool above all, and will aid in further things down the line.

@JPEG congrats man!!! Have sales gone up after Apple featured Mast?

@Admin Thanks! And slightly, it's gone up but not much.

@JPEG How did you get your apps featured? Mine has single digit downloads (in total!) because nobody seems to find it.

@JPEG And where do you get the impressions? Never found that at all 😐

@JPEG (I’d be so happy to even make the developer account fee back. I actually did not renew it this time, because no point to.)

@js Impressions seem to be people passing by your app on the App Store, and increases with the feature or if it's in any prominent categories.

@js You have to contact the Apple team and write why you think you should be featured, you should find employees of the editorial team via Twitter and places like that, and then see how it does.

@JPEG congrats sir - Mast is awesome. Anyone using iOS and Mastodon; its by far the best.

@JPEG hey there! My notifications don’t seem to be working - is that a known thing?

@donkey It is known, sorry! Will fix it sometime soon.

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