@JPEG Gave Mast a shot in portrait too. The Home column feels almost unusably squished, and Federated gets too much space on the right. I don’t mind a second column in portrait, it can be useful. But I think this could use some rebalancing.

@chartier Thanks for trying it out! Yes I can't really gauge what it's like at the moment from the simulator only. I'll play around with it next week in real once I get my iPad. For now, it'll be submitted like this, and then immediately after going to start work on fixing it up and finding the right balance. Maybe the option to have either one or two columns.

@JPEG @chartier definitely would like the ability to choose the number of columns (all the way down to 1) and would be nice if the columns could be resized via dragging in between. I'd personally like a larger sidebar with text next to the icons and the ability to keep custom lists there maybe?


@danvpeterson @chartier Noted! This is something I definitely want too, and will consider it going forward. For now, the focus has mainly been on the iPhone app, but will soon start refining the iPad app too.

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