What's your favourite Mast feature? Toot about it with the hashtag. Let's go! 🎉

@JPEG my favourite #mast feature would be the watch app, when I’m at work, I keep my phone locked away and listen to podcasts from the watch. With Mast and Chirp, I can quickly glance at my social timelines.

@TychoQuad That's a great use for it! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

@JPEG there are so many great things about #Mast - but if I had to choose one, it would be the developer, so who someone finds the time after working a day job to come home and try to accommodate the end user 😊

@Admin That's definitely very kind of you to say, thank you!

Maybe vanity, but it would be nice to have a handle for #Mast, so when we spread the word, we can point people to it rather than hashtag it. Thanks!
And eventually a simple website? Pretty please? 🙂

@njyo I find that managing another account would result in me missing things, so keeping it all on my account to better track things! :)

Also, I can say that the changing background colour on long tap is NOT my favourite feature. That should be a setting instead. I wanted to copy a link and could not. :$

@njyo Apologies about that! I'll work towards a better solution.

@JPEG no need to apologise. Thanks for the effort of building this. Hopefully you can make it full-time soon. :)

@njyo Thank you, I would love to make it full time. :)

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