Got scroll position retention sorted for the Mast update now. No more jumping to the top every time you pull to refresh or stream in toots.

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@JPEG super excited for this, thank you! It's the one thing keeping me from using Mast full time.

@danvpeterson I realised it was a really important feature, and one I needed too. I just couldn't get it working properly previously without UI stutter, but now that I've got it working perfectly, I'll be including it.

@JPEG the app is coming along really nicely, thanks for all the hard work. Looking forward to seeing its continued evolution and I'll keep the feedback coming 🙂

@JPEG Looking forward to that update. How does one sign in to other instances? Or sign out of current?

@huphtur Currently, multiple instance support isn't included. Although, you can still view other instance's timelines by tapping the top-left list icon.

@JPEG Saw that, which is nice. Is there a way to sign out of current instance?

@huphtur Not at the moment, as I didn't see a need to include a sign-out option as you can't sign in to anything else at the moment.

@JPEG Does that mean if I launch the app 8 hours later, it will bring me to the same posts I was at when I closed it?

@JPEG Excellent! I think yours is the best app out there but that was one feature I was hoping for.

That and when I check in after too long I can only refresh a part of my timeline. Still having to use other apps to find what's in that time hole I can't get to with Mast

@Fellixe Both those issues are now fixed for the next update! :)

@JPEG thank you! This was the next thing I was going to bring up :P

@JPEG Thanks so much for doing this for Mast, it’s the one feature I’ve desired most from Mastodon client. Drives me nuts every time I have to scroll back to catch up with toots.

@rabbitclaw No worries! I'm glad to have included it and made the usability better.

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