TestFlight versions will resume shortly.

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@JPEG yay!!! (Also, sorry you had to deal with that asshole. I was getting frustrated reading the thread back and forth. Seems like someone needs to rewatch Bambi. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

@Admin I'm convinced some people are so bored and have nothing productive to contribute to society that they just resort to belittling others. Also, next TestFlight build (not the one I just submitted right now) will have toot reload order, so you can get immediate toots after the last one without any breaks. This'll be an option in settings too to switch to latest toots upon reload too (how it currently is).

@JPEG sad but you’re probably right. Also, not sure what you mean, is this to solve the issue with the 20 Toot load limit, and missing hours worth of content lol

@Admin Yup! So now it'll load new toots immediately after that last one so there aren't any missing.

@JPEG yay!! I swear, you’re the best. Very responsive, open to feedback and soo willing to accommodate what users want 😖

@Admin Thanks! That means a lot. Hoping to get better and better.

@JPEG Awesome! Do you have iPad support somewhere on the roadmap for a future release?

@jamie I do indeed! Going to start work on that sometime next week.

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