If you haven’t heard about it already, an all new beautiful iOS Mastodon app is now available on the App Store. 🎉


It contains 3D Touch, Today and Share extensions, Siri Shortcuts, iMessage Stickers, a Watch app, and so much more!

@JPEG Did you make the app or are you just promoting it? How come it's not purchased by you yet either way?


@woah I made the app, I’m the developer.

@JPEG Shit looks good. How stable would you say it is compared to other, free apps? I'll purchase if its that good.

@woah Thanks, my opinions are obviously bound to be biased, but all my beta testers would attest to it being the best Mastodon app they’ve used.

@JPEG Your Bluebird app is in the top 200 for social networks in the US. Nice.

@woah It’s pretty cool haha, my podcast app is pretty high on the charts too. :)

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