@chartier Hey 👋 I just recently released a new iOS Mastodon app with a gorgeous iOS-centric interface, 3D Touch, Today and Share extensions, Siri Shortcuts, iMessage Stickers, a Watch app, and so much more. Would love to know your initial thoughts on it!

@JPEG hello sexy app~ Seriously, about to grab for my phone now. Any plans on offering an iPad UI down the line?

@targrus Thanks! And indeed there are plans for an iPad app. No real idea yet about time frames but planning to start work on it next week.

@JPEG awesome. This thing is pretty. I’m really digging it!

@JPEG It’s neat! I’d love more options around timeline display, i.e. hiding boosts, and i find myself accidentally changing the theme pretty often, but it seems promising so far!

@viv Will add more options as the days progress! :) You can head over to the settings section and change what the long-hold action does so as not to accidentally change the theme.

@JPEG oh! I didn't realize there was a settings menu through the profile gear icon.

@viv Easy to miss! Hopefully there are plenty of settings in there to tweak the app how you’d like it to be. :)

@JPEG I have the setting to turn off images in timelines enabled, but i’m still seeing images. is there anything i should do to make the setting take effect?

@JPEG and there goes my interest as should everyone else's.

@JPEG This is so so so so so so so great! It feels wonderfully smooth and well thought out.

I'd love to see image labels and media auto-play if possible, but so excited to see where this goes! Thank you!!

@charlesv Thank you for the extremely positive words! Image labels/captioning will be coming in the next update.


And a bug report, if you want them here:

- Changing the appearance color from settings while another timeline is selected, i.e. "Local" will leave that timeline presented, but have "Home" indicated in the hader. Switching to another timeline and back will restore home

@charlesv More than happy to have bug reports here. Thanks for spotting that, will look into it.

@JPEG will add another one: fave-ing a tweet doesn't appear to update the "likes" number, nor is there a UI change on the toot detail to indicate a toot has been liked

@charlesv I'll work on fixing that in a future update, thanks!

@charlesv There is indeed! Going to start work on it next week.

@JPEG let me know if you need any testers... after 10/30 😅

@JPEG This looks really slick! Going to give it a go.

@JPEG does this support using multiple accounts on the same instance?

@k Multiple accounts is a feature that'll be coming soon in a future update!

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