If you haven’t heard about it already, an all new beautiful iOS Mastodon app is now available on the App Store. 🎉

It contains 3D Touch, Today and Share extensions, Siri Shortcuts, iMessage Stickers, a Watch app, and so much more!

@JPEG Is it possible that #Mast is draining my iPhone‘s battery rather fast?

@JPEG Will there be an native iPad app in the near future? When I open Mast on the iPad Pro (12.9“) it‘s treated like an iPhone only app.

@sebastianhahn It’s currently intended to be iPhone only, but I do indeed intend to add an iPad app in the future.

@JPEG Got it. I‘ll give you feedback as soon as I‘ve tried everything out. 👍

@JPEG @Jan_V_H
No Trial Version? I have no problem to pay for good Apps, but I’m not sure whether this App is worth to pay 4,49 € or not.

@NightBerry @Jan_V_H I don't have a trial version, but everyone has said positive things about it so far if that helps!

@JPEG should there be a „create toot“ Siri Shortcut?

@JPEG does it just support the latest version of ios or does it at least support as far back as ios 10?
@JPEG aw dang
looks cool though, if i had a phone that was ios 11 compatible i'd totally give it a try

@headachebooth Apologies about that! Needed to make that the lowest version to allow certain Apple features to work.

@JPEG Did you make the app or are you just promoting it? How come it's not purchased by you yet either way?

@JPEG Shit looks good. How stable would you say it is compared to other, free apps? I'll purchase if its that good.

@woah Thanks, my opinions are obviously bound to be biased, but all my beta testers would attest to it being the best Mastodon app they’ve used.

@JPEG Your Bluebird app is in the top 200 for social networks in the US. Nice.

@woah It’s pretty cool haha, my podcast app is pretty high on the charts too. :)

@JPEG Looks really nice! How do you handle image captioning?

@pagrus Image captioning isn’t implemented yet, but will be coming in a future version.

@jk this doesn't link to anything that I can see :think_bread:

@jk @Louisa It's a little weird in where it puts certain things, but in a "thought about things that have been normal for years from the ground up" way, not in a bad way.

– The back button on top does not work.
– How can I read DMs?
– The automatic theme change is highly irritating.

@zichy You can also swipe back from the screen edge. DM’s are within the notifications tab at the bottom, indicated by a speech bubble icon. You can head over to settings to toggle what long-holding does.

@JPEG Looks nice but why is there a massive empty „dead“ area? (iPhone 8)

@macsnider You can head over to settings and change the option for small segments to shift the segments up there. :)

@JPEG okay. But in the Mention/Activity View it’s the same. So much wasted space =/

@JPEG cool, looks very promising! Two questions about features I need to be sure they’re already implemented before I buy it:

1. Is it possible to see (and shortcut) other instances’ public timelines in the app?
2. Can I manage multiple accounts?

(Sorry, perhaps it’s somewhere in the feature list, but I couldn’t find it).

@kraehenpost Hey, yes to the first point. No to the second, although it’s planned for an update.

@JPEG can I caption images that I post in it? Does it implement filters/mutes?

@lastfuture Not yet, but it’s planned for a future update.

@JPEG When I am browsing a local timeline from another instance and try to fav a toot there, the app crashes. Is this a known bug?

@bestform It is indeed. It’s fixed for the next version. Liking/boosting instances you’re not a member of shouldn’t be possible at all.

@JPEG but only, if the toot does not appear in my timeline. If I follow someone from another instance, I can like/boost their toots, correct? And what about toots, that appear in my instance, because others follow them?

@bestform You can do toot actions for those that have been boosted as far as I know about mastodon and how it works. I’ll investigate.

@JPEG thanks. The client looks great so far. I will keep using it for a while and see how it performs. :)

@JPEG First of all - it looks amazing. Secondly - PLEASE UPDATE APPS ON YOUR PHONE. Anxiety kicks in hard!

@PawelOrzech Thanks! Haha sorry, I tend to only pick and choose updates after I’ve read the update notes and am excited enough to update them.

@JPEG @PawelOrzech omg, 83 updates?!? I just noticed this. You are a mad man! Lol

@Admin Hahah I only update if I'm drawn in by the update note.

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